How your best friend can easily be neglected

A few days ago I found myself threading the pieces of my post-adolescent life. The growing pains felt long overdue. I had recently mused myself with a brother of the humorous pain and painful humor that loyal-fully latches at life’s “loose” ends as each chapter bears forth its own joys and grimaces. A situation of sorts had arisen (nothing too dramatic) and I needed a second (and third and fourth and fifth) opinion. I picked up my phone and carefully crafted a “what would you do?” text to one of Gods children. It’s always comforting to have people sincerely listen to your “silly” pickles and predicaments no matter how big or how small. After a few textual laughs, emoticons and “uncalled for” memes they said something to me that struck a chord. It was nothing philosophical nor was it anything revelatory. In fact, one might say it was blatantly obvious. Yet in its bare non-cryptic state I apprehended how I so easily ignore and forget the words that flashed before my very eyes: “Just pray about it. Prayer is your best friend.”

“Do you dare to have faith that avails much?”

“Ask whatever you wish…You have not because you ask not…Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him…We have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous…How much more will your heavenly Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him…A very present help in times of need [1].” Think about it for a second. A multiplicity of promises, even in their utmost grandiose state, lay bare before the children of God waiting to be grasped and wrestled with. I marvel at my foolishness sometimes as I try to navigate through life’s pathway as if the Creator of the universe is not my Father. I may sound arrogant in saying this but by the mercy of Jesus Christ it is true! Whilst the fiery angels dare not approach the throne of God without covering their feet and faces [2], our God calls us to approach His throne of grace through prayer to simply be with Him and be helped by Him [3]. Whether it is a twisted dark period or you have caught feelings for one of your siblings in the Lord, God wants to hear about it. He cares so much about the minute details which we often tend to brush over. Imagine if every grimace and every qualm was faithfully delivered to the Lords gracious throne through the simple words of “Lord I need your help?” or “Lord what do You think?” Imagine how our outlook on God would so drastically change if we truly recognized that He not only speaks to us but that He listens to us as well- to every tear; to every anxious heartbeat; to every heavy sigh. The times that I have seen God smile through “little” reminders of those “little” answered prayers whispered in corridors and streets have been big reminders of how His love is not so little. He is not asking for complicated grammar, screams or rituals. He is asking for you. He is asking for your sincerity and honesty. He is asking you to pray. Do you dare to believe? Do you dare to have a faith that avails much? Do you dare to approach the throne of grace in times of need (is there a time we are never in need of God?) In Christ we can.

He neither sleeps nor slumbers [4]. When the terror of night wakes us into our nightmare, He tugs our spirits and reminds us that He is awake. My prayer is that I pray. My prayer is that you pray. And that as we pray, the reality of His world become the reality of our world. “Just pray about it. Prayer is your best friend.”

“…when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” Luke 18:8b

At His Feet…


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  2. Isaiah 6:2
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4 thoughts on “How your best friend can easily be neglected

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  1. O what peace we often forfeit;
    O what needless pain we bear;
    All because we do not carry
    Everything to God in prayer


  2. This is a marvelous treatise on Prayer. Keep the exhortations coming. Can’t wait to read the June entry. God bless you


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