When God dreams for you

God: “Hey Mary, I’ve heard you’ve been dreaming, making plans for your big wedding day. You and Joseph are gonna be the picture perfect family- maybe a couple of kids down the road. But I’ve been thinking…Even before time began I had a picture perfect plan of how to save this broken world through the life of just one Man. I’m gonna send my only Son. And Mary…you’re the one. You were right about one thing: You’re gonna have that family- and you’re gonna raise a King.” (Dream for You- Casting Crowns, Thrive 2014)

As our eyes surrender to sleeps gentle provocations we enter into slumbers world were an assortment of possibility and wonder (and sometimes fear) beam tangible only to wither away as the sun kisses the delicate framework of our being. Dreams remind us that there is more. Dreams remind us that there is more to be experienced, touched and known. Some dream with their eyes closed. Some do not dream. Yet others dream with their eyes open. The palpable reality of tomorrows hopes tickle our today propelling us onto the path of possibility. The prospects are many. The opportunities are vast. The door knobs are itching to be flung open. But as the grain of sand lays as a tiny pebble before the innumerable sands of the seashore, so too do our dreams gaze at the grandeur of Gods “dreams” and plans for us. More often than we think and know God streams snippets of His dreams and plans onto our path. Little did Joseph know that his teenage dreams of being some sort of leader were a God-given vision of what the sovereign Lord intended to achieve for His people Israel. Little did Moses know that his untamed zeal to fend for his people was an early call to deliver them out of Egypt. Little did Mary know that her bundle of joy would affect the whole course of history- Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world!

“Let Me dream for you”

In Gods manifold wisdom He has chosen to bring to effect His purposes and plans through His handiwork- you and me! More often than not His plans tend to be absent on our calendars (I’m sure Mary was not expecting a baby that soon- let alone the Son of God!). Each of these dreamers had questions, concerns and a fair amount of doubts. Yet, God, in His patience, grace and gentle firmness worked in each of them both to will and to do His good pleasure as they desperately surrendered [1]. And what did they get in return? A life full of God. A life that was empty of self-ambition. A life full of the visions of God. A life of adventure and escapade as each turn of the page revealed the awesome works and power of an awesome God. Amid the trials, twists and impeccable turns, the sovereign dreams of God thwarted their seemingly tremulous nightmares into a greater intimacy and confidence in the Lord their God. I know I may be waffling like a broken record of Gods desire to reveal Himself both to you and creation of His greatness, awe and power but there is really nothing (not our greatest dream, ambition or hope!) that can match up to the revelation of God. Jesus came to radically transform us and bring us back to the Father. He came to clear us of ourselves so that we can be filled with Him. His death on the cross screams “COME UNTO ME” as we trade our sin, our failures, our “dreams” for Him. Will you say yes? Will you let God dream for you?

He is calling us to come deeper into Him. He is calling us to clear our canvas and to let Him paint an artwork that speaks of Him. He is calling us to let Him dream for us.

“So come on, let Me dream…let Me dream for you. I am strong when you’re weak…and I’ll carry you. So let go of your plan, be caught by My hand. I’ll show you what I can do when I dream for you…” (Dream for you- Casting Crowns, Thrive 2014)

At His Feet…


  1. Philippians 2:12-13

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