Something for the heart…

Do you recall those moments? Moments when your knees would buckle as thoughts of their smile and ocean eyes flood your mind? I do. It is always a daring feat to “let your guard down” and let your heart speak for what it truly feels for your “ma-hope (crush)”. We often compensate and begin by letting the guard down first to our friends.  Memory serves of times I have shared my own heart “gushes” with those around me (the nudges and “subliminal” winks orchestrated by friends who self-impose themselves as “wing-men” and cupid will always be borderline irksome but sweet). Amid the silliness, however, is an ineffable bond and trust that grows, knowing full well that they (your friends) will be your support system on your love journey. But what if I told you that there are more people? What if you knew that there are others who would be willing to share in your journey?

“And they blessed Rebekah…”

I recently purchased a book co-authored by Dr. Cornelius Huwa and his wife, Dr. Jacqueline Huwa (marriage and relationship counsellors): “Redeeming the wedding veil- Gods way.” Intrigued by the global, yet contextualized approach, the authors tackled an array of issues that seem to plague us today. From past relationships and forgiveness to unhealthy cultural practices and “the bedroom”, the book triggers ponderings to the listening mind. And as chance would have it, those ponderings fell into my mind. I came across something in the book that got me thinking: “And they blessed Rebekah…(1)” Who were “they”? And what were “they” blessing her into? You see, Rebecca’s knees were about to buckle. She was about to begin her journey with her groom to be. And she had a support system; a system she grew under; a system she had known and trusted: her parents.

There is a disparity among us. There is a growing gap between the generations. From a young age we seldom digest the idea of involving those who are older than us in our heart issues. Though I am not a parent, I can only assume that the gap is felt on the other side as well. No one party is to blame. We all, both knowingly and unknowingly, have watched this crevasse widen (and at times have allowed it). This over-arching “normality” that is disheveling our post-modern society is slowly, and surely, creating dire effects. What if all that you learnt about love, relationships and sex was not from your music icon? What if all that you learnt about wooing a potential lover (the right and proper way) was from those who have gone before us? What if your support system were your parents? I use the word “parent” loosely. Those who parent us may not always be our biological parents (we all have different circumstances). If we take a moment to look around we may soon realize that we are not alone on this journey. God, in His sovereignty, places people of influence and wisdom from which we can tap what we need (perhaps that is one of the ways by which He never forsakes us). “They” were once you. And you will one day be “them.” What sort of world would we have if we entrusted our hearts and lives with those whom God has placed as parents over our lives? What sort of love journeys would be conceived?

To those that have gone before us:

You are a great resource. Your experiences, your mistakes and your successes are the stepping stones by which we are aching to climb. Though we seem distance, be assured that we are itching to hear from you.

To those that have yet to cross the bridge:

We have so “great cloud of witnesses surrounding us (2)” that have gone before us. I know the distance that we all feel from them (besides, “times have changed”). But what if (what if) “they” are willing to help us through our qualms, even if we fail? What if they are itching to hear from us so that they can direct us?

At His Feet


  1. Genesis 24:60
  2. Hebrews 12:1

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