The 3 letter ‘s’ word

Have you ever sat in a room that was in flames? Have you ever swam in a pool that kept you dry? Have you ever had to read senseless metaphors that only fuel the lack of clarity?  Better yet, have you ever had to write a blog post without mentioning the three letter ‘s’ word (perhaps this could be a subliminal allegory, “subtly” echoing the idea)? If you are lost, good. If you are not, good. We often skate around the surface, earnestly hoping that the ice beneath us will not give way to the vortex that is gaping wider by the day. I will be honest with you. I find myself (even now) skating around, both above and below, words, dialects and accents that will candidly, yet tastefully, address the matter, forming sentences and words with the right amount of cultural appropriateness and theological prowess. Often times we mask ourselves, mimicking childhood innocence as we secretly mutter unsaid musings, which coil from the very core of our insatiable curiosity. If you think ‘sin’ is the three letter ‘s’ word then perhaps you ought to read this again.

We have turned sex into a cheap commodity

Earlier this week I found myself gum gabbing with my fellow countrymen and women, overlooking the concrete terrain of our city. We had just slipped out of a one-hour discussion that begged our honest opinion on how pornography has affected our budding generation. It was painfully obvious that the prevailing concept of “sex” had been primed by societal ‘norms’ which, over the years, has parented our generation’s way of thinking. Though we firmly grip onto the mantra of conservatism, our copious thought trails, and what some may coin as ‘liberal’, has paved a crevasse in the human heart that digs deeper, creating a voracious appetite. Whether we choose to hide our heads in the sand, or peep through for a split second, we are all uncomfortably aware of the escalating sexual revolution that heads its campaign on our phones, television screens and clothing line. We have turned sex into a cheap “commodity.” Yet, in the eyes of God, it is perhaps more valuable than what we perceive it to be.

Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled…

We wrestled with whether our lack of knowledge has contributed to the misuse of this gift. We wrestled with whether our current normality’s have fueled our misconstrued conception. We wrestled with whether we were innately missing something- something beyond the human eye. The err has not been our lack of cumulative knowledge regarding the three letter ‘s’ word. Our err has ironically been embedded and found its roots in our value system. We have turned sex into a cheap commodity. Yet Gods intended blueprint echoes a different tune. All precious commodities, whether expensive clothing, gold, or your mothers China, has an appropriate context by which it can be relished, satisfying its intended purpose. When used beyond the walls of its context it serves as commodity for questioning, raising insatiable appetites whose quenching remains unfulfilled, mounding copious amounts of confusion, insecurity and damage. Perhaps the reason we give ourselves away on every whim and impulse (if it feels good and looks good then it must be good right?) may possibly be due to the cheap view of sex, which the world persistently pumps. What if our view of sex became that of Gods? What if we realized that what He has provided us with is a gift (a good and perfect gift if I may add)? What if we recognized that this “cheap commodity” may in fact be priceless- so much so that one has to pay the precious gold of marital commitment to eat of its fruit?

“A garden locked is my sister, my bride, a rock garden locked, a spring sealed up.” The lines that God has drawn have not been for our misery nor for our pain, but for our joy. For when love has been awakened at its time, and love has founds its home at the altar, our physical demonstration of love and passion, coupled with godly affection, may be explored, for our enjoyment and to His glory.

At His Feet


  1. Song of Solomon 4:12

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